Projects (2)

Here is a partial list of the kinds of hardware and software design projects I have been involved in with each of my past employers.

Grass Valley Group


Worked on hardware and software design for GVG routing, switching, and digital video effects systems, including:

     • Kadenza™ Digital Switcher

     • Kaleidoscope™ Digital Video Effects

     • 1680 Production Switcher™

     • Model 440 Routing Switcher

     • Custom Products


• Production switcher and DVE architecture design

     • Internal signal routing and effects processing

     • Video processing hardware

     • I/O interface and system timing

     • Diagnostic hardware and software

     • U/I design (control panel and flat panel displays)

• 3D DVE transform hardware and software

     • Reverse address generator

     • Shadow and perspective (depth) effects

• Digital video processing

     • Serial combiner with Porter & Duff compositing

     • "Shaped/Unshaped" video processing

     • Multi-level keyer

     • "Mask bus" processing

• Board level realtime software

• Digital video I/O hardware design

• Switcher M/E control system hardware and software

• Routing switcher control panels and Source ID

     • Hardware, mechanical, and microprocessor design

     • Software design

• Machine control routing software

• Custom projects management and design



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