Where Is Nevada City?

CineSys Design is located in Nevada City, California, right next door to Grass Valley. We are in the Sierra foothills, approximately one hour northeast of Sacramento and 3-4 hours from the San Francisco Bay Area.

Grass Valley and Nevada City are known in the broadcast industry for hosting many famous equipment manufacturers - as well as being a great place to vacation and live! 

Video manufacturers who live in the neighborhood:

Accom **

ADC  (Nvision) **

Axcera **

AJA Video Systems

Comparisonics Corporation


Ensemble Designs

Graham-Patten Systems

Grass Valley Group

Isis Group

Lighthouse Digital Systems

OmniBus Systems, Inc (USA) **

Pinnacle Systems **

Sierra Video Systems


Videoframe Systems


Note: some of the above listings (marked by **) are local divisions of companies headquartered outside the area. These links lead to the parent company's web site.

I have probably left someone out - if so, it was unintentional. Please e-mail the company name and URL to me and I will happily add it!


More Locals

To contact us:

Phone: 530-265-0272
Email: mail@cinesys.com

10959 Genasci Rd.
Nevada City, CA  95959